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-Dear Blog User,

I have over 30-years of foreign exchange and money market trading experience and have been contributing on many forums. I am Tv Anchor of Business talk Shows and have conducted high profile talk shows and interviewed influential business, political and media leaders.  For over last 20-years I have been regularly contributing in Pakistan’s leading financial newspaper “Business Recorder”, and do research work, making predictions & policy strategies on National and International economic and financial issues.

In view of the repeated requests I have started my Blog. You can have free access.


-Founder & CEO of Currency Market Associates (CMKA) since June 1, 1994. Prior to joining CMKA, I have worked with Chase Manhattan Bank for about 8 years and my last assignment was at Karachi-Pakistan and has worked as Vice President & Country Treasurer. CMKA consists of dedicated professionals, who besides their analytical expertise in Treasury have developed a keen interest in Pakistan’s Inter-Bank Market.

-Regular contributor to Pakistan’s leading newspaper “Business Recorder” , (Please see above and click on WEBSITE) -Past – Tv. Anchor of Business shows on “AAJ TV” — National Budget – Monetary Policy High Profile interviews of Leading Government Officials, Businessman & Economist….

Vice President & Country Treasurer Chase Manhattan Bank Public Company; 10,001+ employees; JPM; Financial Services industry

January 1986 – May 1993 (7 years 5 months) Pakistan

-Served as member in decision making committees like ALCO, MRC etc, along with professional contributions towards market associations like FERC and FMAP
-Lead a team of trading & sales professionals developing strategies and marketing products to maximize client business opportunities by working closely with global product & sales groups. Leveraging Global Client relationships to develop business, providing client service to strengthen mutually beneficial strategic relationships
-Advised & implemented prudent balance sheet funding strategies. Implemented analytical tools to help ALCO price & manage risk of bank products.
-Managing Bank’s Investment/ Trading Securities Portfolio, with an objective of managing all risks and ensuring optimal spread/ profitability for the business
-Resource allocation and Client Coverage. Ensured adequate support for marketing of Global Products and volumes for Global Trading/ Sales Platforms.

MUST READ “Individual Comments”

Comment by Ziad on April 13, 2012 at 6:56pm
Mr. Risvi – Congratulations again. Deadly accurate and more precise than a sniper’s rifle. Between today and yesterday. Long @ 1652 till 1675 then short @ 1675 to 1660. You have singlehandedly rebutted all technicals, forecasts and analysts’ opinions that said Gold upmove will continue today.
Thank you for supporting all of us.
Can we borrow your crystal ball 😉
Have a nice week-end!!!
— Comment by Jason on April 14, 2012 at 6:42am
Hi Sir
Thank you for your response which I am surprised. Thought you should be getting some rest today.
I am still working in office in Singapore. With the amount of time, energy and efforts spent trying to do all these postings here, the least a human can do is to show appreciation and support for all your efforts. Do not think too much of it. I think I must say I am gratified and honoured to be able to make an aquaintance of you (even if its only on line).
Have read much about you on your blog and understand you come with some pedigree and have vast extensive experience in the financial markets.
If you do not mind, I also share with you a little of myself (so you will know why I say the above).
I have been a propriety trader (fx) for quite many years until I left the industry to join my family in the business. With all these crisis in the last 5 years, the business environment has been extremely challenging…with all the globalisation as well as the competitive nature in Singapore. But we will continue to strive hard and hold on…
During my years as a trader, I have seen many characters and also have the opportunity and honour to make aquaintances of many big name and famous traders / investors (although I do not know most of them very well). I have  been fortunate to know the famous American Larry Williams (he will still sometimes reply to my email queries if he feels like it),  Robert Pretcher (spoken to both of them before) and Jim Rogers (her daughter is my daughter’s ex-classmate in the kindergarten school so I do know him personally to a certain extent). With my experiences with all these successful traders and other traders in the markets, I must say that you are one of those very few people who are willing to share your opinion and time on the markets (time is usually a precious commodity for famous people). I am also truly gratified with your honesty in your postings.
The other thing I am truly amazed with you is the ability to feel the markets. You told me you dont use chartings. One of my ex-bosses (i wont mention names but he used to be a legend in the trading circle with a swiss bank here) can also feel the markets like you.  But in those days when we trade, we are able to move vast sums of money so it is not surprising that we can be very profitable due to our financial muscle. But when I left trading and started trading on my own (been some 5 years), I have never been able to make money consistently. Maybe it is due to being a retail trader at the mercy of big guys from these institutions. So when you told me you dont use charts Sir, I must take my hat off you as I am truly amazed with your trading accuracy (especially in the GOLD and EURO). To be honest Sir, I have never seen anything like this before in my trading experience as you seem to be able to feel the entire market on your own. Even the famous Larry Williams used charting (learnt some techniques from him).
So Sir, with your ability to trade the markets with such high level of accuracy and with your pedigree and background in the financial markets, I can only use the word “RESPECT” to describe you. For a person like you (I believe you have many business commitments) to spend the kind of efforts (all these postings we have seen), energy and patience trying to make all these postings, I must say I am truly humbled by your honesty, effort and most importantly of all, HUMILITY.
You have been extremely patient, obliging and selfless in sharing all your knowledge that you know of the markets with your daily and weekly postings. Although I may not have benefitted directly much so far (at least it keeps me from losing so far), I must admit I have learnt a lot from you about patience and discipline in trading.
I am not writing the above to apple-polish you Sir.
What I wrote is truly from the bottom of my heart. You have been really amazing and I have only good things to say about you from what I see (I even told pixta yesterday on a blog post that I have not seen anyone make calls on GOLD this way even during my years of trading in the dealing room). I can only say Sir, “Long may you continue your postings and share your knowledge in this same way as long as you can”. I am very sure a lot of participants here will feel the same way and I am very sure many of them will benefit greatly from all this.
I hope I am not too long-winded with all this typing as I feel that this is the least I can do Sir, to describe you and say a big “THANK YOU” to everything you have done so far. Keep it up !.
I will end my posting here. I hereby wish you and your family happiness, good health and continuing prosperity.
Looking forward to your weekly posting tomorrow and may everyone who read or learn from you continue to benefit in the trading week ahead.
Thank you Sir and have a good weekend !
–Comment by Jacobson MAthew on May 5, 2012 at 8:27am
Dear Mr. Asad…I have been following  your comments from the time you started writing for fxstreet. Your style is very unique  and reminds me of vladimir mihaylov, who till early this year also, used to give his analysis, but his accuracy was not so good as you. You have been pinpoint , which sometimes makes me wonder. Whatever techniques you are using , is better than , any of the techniques I have seen or read. Also, you are fearless in posting  exact targets , whereas some other so called big names  on this blog,  play safe.
Another contributor,  Dr.Sivaraman has also given calls, but invariably, he is wrong like the group which used to attack him.
You are differrent. like  a rose in a wasteland ? .very warm rgds
–Comment by nader on May 4, 2012 at 12:56pm
Perfect job Master & very professional, i want to tell all my friend here that in the past i lost a lot of money & before couple of month i start again with only 100$. Now thanks to Mr rizivi my account is over 1000$
Thank you,
–Comment by Gordon Gekko on April 27, 2012 at 2:56pm
bought 50 lots of gold at 1625, took profit today at 1665 = USD 200,000$ in 24 hours!!
–Comment by dev on April 19, 2012 at 4:19pm
once Mr Rizvi left we will spend for others whatever we have earned…
–Comment by Sumeet Singh on April 19, 2012 at 4:15pm
No movement here in this forum today as Mr. Rizvi is out for meeting. :).Was just thinking what will happen when he will leave this forum for his permanent business. 🙂
–Comment by Priyank Nevatia on April 14, 2012 at 5:27pm
Mr Rizvi, Its been a little over two weeks since I have been following your blog. I am amazed as to how accurate you are with your price levels. Though I dont take trades at every level, I watch what happens on the demo account. I am still learning the ropes of trading the FX market and following your blog has definitely given me more confidence. You are a kind human being and excellent at what you do. Your advise and services are much appreciated and I look forward to interacting with you in the future. Thanks, Priyank
–Comment by Ziad on April 14, 2012 at 5:40pm
I humbly think that whoever is following this blog, should stick to Mr. Risvi’s views, many times I was caught in doubt before relying on technicals which fail amazingly, latest incident last Friday 13. The upmove on Gold technically was confirmed to continue by most prominent and reliable websites and traders. It’s better not to get confused as this is akin to missing out on trades and/or losing. Much better to rely on a person that can really feel the market without getting confused with charts and diagrams. Accuracy is around 95% cannot be achieved consitently using other strategies.
–Comment by spring on April 13, 2012 at 7:05am Knowledge is power
Bacon Knowledge is wealth
I am sure you are the richest person in this forum—–you are my teacher for ever.
–Comment by Leon on April 13, 2012 at 6:59pm
Hello Mr Asad, I am not a person who makes regular comments but be sure that I follow your comments and the questions that are being asked diligently. I used to follow a hundred different people on twitter but I dont see the need for that anymore because I get all the answers here on Fx street. It is people like you and other people here that makes this an absolute must for every new fx trader. Keep up the great work!!!
–Comment by rasiddiqi on April 14, 2012 at 3:18pm
Mr Asad Rizvi
I was just reading Mr. Jason’s honest opinion about your abilities including FX trading skills, deadly accurate forecasts and above all sincerity to your followers. I agree 100% with him on his feelings .
Mr Rizvi I am also an ex banker, worked in international banks at very high positions.I  worked in treasury  and investment division in the head office of a bank . With this background I can say that I have also not seen a person like you in my life. A selfless and an intelligent willing to share his honest opinion at all time.
One aspect he did not know about you is your expertise in money market and country’s economic problems.I am an old admirer of you . I have always made sure to watch  AAj TV programmes where you were invited as an expert. I always read your articles in business Recorder. I always said to my friends and acquaintances that This man should be either the Governer of SBP or minister of finance.This is irony of our country that people like you are not acknowledged. I regret to say that you are in the wrong place. I respect you from my heart and pray for your long life.You are an asset for us and some day you would achieve what you deserve.


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