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Details of assets of Pakistani Parliamentarians: a big joke?

January 12, 2015

By: ASAD RIZVI (KARACHI)   Published on January 10, 2015
The release of details of assets of parliamentarians for the year 2014 clearly explains why our country is faced with a severe crisis caused by a systemic failure of good governance and rule of law. After going through the details of wealth declaration of members of parliaments, the question why documentation of economy is not taken seriously by our legislators has found a new legitimacy.

Disclosure of information is always critical in ensuring transparency for the purpose of accountability. But unfortunately there is no authority/ombudsman to monitor or review the income and asset declarations made by politicians. The valuation of assets is clearly undervalued; and it does not match the market price/rate. Interestingly, Pakistani politicians are vocal in TV talk shows about a faulty tax system, but after submitting declarations to the Election Commission of Pakistan, they surely now stand exposed as legislators are themselves in clear violation of norms. Then why blame those operating outside the tax system.

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