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fEd WiLl TaKe TiMe tO DeCiDe NeW mEtHoD – nOv 15

November 15, 2012

Interaction with my Subscribers during the day……………


 7:53 AM

sir shall go short gold at 1379-80??

 7:54 AM

I will stick to my view……………..

 8:49 AM

sir short gbp at 1.5670 or wait??

 8:53 AM

My view on Cable in unchanged. Now have to decide the entry level…..

9:34 AM

sir shall go short aud with stops 0.9590??


 9:36 AM

I m expecting tests og 0.9550-60…….

2:43 PM


12:45 PM

AUD @ 0.9525 = Book now, around 0.9515-15………………….

 1:53 PM

GOLD @ $ 1383.50 = the exp[ected up moce has occured book your profit around currenct Levels and go short with STOPS $ 1391….Cheers

2:37 PM

hi sir

Long in Euro and Bought YEN… Where to close the positions ?


2:43 PM

JPY @ 96.05 = I was waiting for a test of 95.75 to give signal for profit taking. Today there is US bond auction & we could see both way volatility in Yen. I think plan out a strategy and book profit……….


2:45 PM

EURO @ 1.3330 = I am still looking for upside break of 1.3345-50 will encourage for a test of 1.3370-75…….

 2:54 PM

GOLD @ $ 1395 = Sell raound $ 1395-97 Stops $ 1403


 2:59 PM

GBP @ 1.5687 = book your profit around 1.5687-93

 3:04 PM

Ok pals, if sold Gold around $ 1395 Do apply STOPS @ 1403. Book your profit around $ 1382-85. Break Of $ 1377 will trigger fall…….

Cheers until tomorrow…….



GMT 5:41 – JPY @ 80.86 = Current rally could extend up to 81.25-30 zones before making correction but needs to fall below 80.20 for more correction

GMT 3:20 – EURO @ 1.2736 = It was all quite in Europe, as market waited to know more about the developments in Euro-zone region, the release of FED minutes provided small spark before it was calm once gain. Prior to the release of FED document, US economic data released earlier depicts weaker picture of the economy that strength some of the FED members call for more liquidity injection though its asset purchase program.
Though FED minutes reveled that the members discussed applying new method for funding purpose, but such changes cannot be imposed at one go that needs more discussion/debate to be certain of the consequences, which cannot be implemented/approved at DEC 11 and 12 FOMC gathering.
However, one thing is for sure that members are divided on the issue as Doves led by Jenet Yellen supports the idea, whereas Hawks fear it could lead towards inflation at a faster pace that could derail years long effort. The real concern is unemployment and I am sure FED members will go for the best option that will help the economy. I am sure so far housing sectors performance is consistent and FED cannot afford to take risk.
What always bothers me is that there is always plenty of talk about injection on liquidity in the banking system and this money helps surely helps commodity and asset price to rise, but what measures FED have taken to make sure that this Quantitative Easing (QE) money does not go into the wrong account/hands and make sure the flow of funding goes towards new and stuck up business that will help in creating jobs and stimulate the economy. The behaviour of Bullish moves in oil in expectation of demand does make lot of sense after the funding announcement, but up move seen in gold, metal, food, etc certainly tells the different story that banks and financial institutions are the real beneficiary of of QE and loose monetary policy.
As long as Euro stays above 1.2680, it will make some more gains and break of 1.2760 is required for a push towards 1.2780-90 zones. However, as long as long as 1.2825 is protected, picking top to sell the European currency would be the best strategy.

GMT 3:38 – JPY @ 80.21 = Prefer selling around 80-25-35 zones, with STOPS 80.55. Break of 79.85-90 will push it towards 79-50-70 this week.

GMT 3:33 – GOLD @ $ 1726.72 = Getting impatient that gold could suffer loss, as it has failed to move beyond $ 1738-40 zones and may once again find resistance around $ 1731-33 area. I will not be surprised to see a fall to $ 1710 this week if $ 1717 surrenders.

GMT 3:29 – AUD 1.0377 = Aussies will remain under pressure as long as it falis to penetrate beyond 1.0410, but should find support around 1.0340-45 levels.

GMT 3:25 – GBP @ 1.5850 = Cable remains a sell as long as it stays below 1.5920. Today GBP should not surpass 1.5890 levels, as I am expecting this fall and test of 1.5805-15 zones

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